Uncured Kurobuta Bacon

Uncured Kurobuta Bacon

True Story
12 oz
True Story Uncured Kurobuta Bacon 12 oz

Our delicious Kurobuta bacon is made from heirloom breed pork. Sourced from our own family farms in the USA, this special pork is known for its marbling and rich pink hue. Subtly seasoned and thickly sliced, this bacon is the most delicious we've ever had.

True Story meats are simple. They're clean. And they're the most delicious natural and organic products you'll find! We use only the highest quality organic and antibiotic-free ingredients essential to making the best-tasting meats. We never add anything that’s unnecessary or artificial.

At True Story, we partner only with farms who raise their animals ethically, humanely, and to the highest quality standards. We’re committed to helping change the industry so that family farmers can make a good living and they’re able to choose to farm organically using the most humane practices.

- Clean: we use only the highest quality, organic, and all-natural ingredients.
- All Natural: we minimally process our meats for authentic texture and flavor.
- Antibiotic-Free: we only use animals who have never been given antibiotics.
- Butcher Cuts: better cuts make better meats, so we use the cuts your favorite butcher would recommend.

Nitrates / Nitrites, Added Hormones, Fillers, Artificial Flavors, Artificial Colors, Artificial Preservatives, Gluten, MSG, Carrageenan.

Welfare Standards
- Humanely Raised: we practice fair trade with farmers, ensuring animals are raised humanely and without antibiotics, which helps create a sustainable livelihood for generations of farmers to come.

- Hormone Free: some commercial producers use hormones to promote growth in their cattle. Not True Story. All of our meat comes from animals that are hormone-free. Better for you. Better for the animals.

- Vegetarian Fed: True Story animals eat vegetarian grasses and grains, which are easy for them to digest and helps them to grow naturally.