Chocolate Almond Milk

Chocolate Almond Milk

The Mulk Co
10 fl oz
The Mulk Co Choc-Mint Almond Milk 10 fl oz

If you love chocolate milk as much as we do, then you will be praising the chocolate gods when you taste our Chocolaty Almond Mulk! And if you love making mulk ‘staches as much as we do, then our Chocolate Almond Mulk will be a double whammy!

Plant-based | Cold-pressed | Dairy-free | Vegan | Gluten-Free | Non-GMO

Mulk is a fresh, cold-pressed, plant-based milk made from natural ingredients. It contains no additives, binders, fillers, gums, preservatives, or other ingredients that you don`t recognize. You can actually taste the almonds in Mulk - made with the sweetest Cali almonds sourced regionally from the Central Valley.

Our unique differences - we sprout our almonds to maximize inherent benefits which include plant-based protein, calcium and tons of vitamin E. Mulk is cold-pressed and never heat-treated leaving inherent nutrients intact. It's ideal for lactose-intolerant consumers seeking dairy-free options or for vegans, health seekers and environmentally conscious consumers. Did we mention that it's also darn delicious ;)