Multigrain Sourdough

Multigrain Sourdough

Sweet Wheat
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Sweet Wheat Artisan Boulanger Multigrain Sourdough

French style country bread filled with delicious oats, quinoa, sesame, chia, and barley seeds. Par-baked, so you can finish baking at home for a truly out-of-the-oven experience.

Authentic French Fermentation: Made with our in-house levain and a slow 24-hour fermentation process that ensures complex bread flavors, support for the gut microbiome, and easier digestion.

Nutritional Benefits: High in fiber and a great source of protein.

Tips: Ideal for full-flavored dishes (sauce-based meat dishes, cold cuts, etc.). Pairs well with mature cheeses (comté, beaufort, etc.)

It's sweet to eat real wheat! Using whole, unbleached flour, and going back to our roots to provide unique, wholesome, healthier grain varieties, drawing from a tradition of milling that dates back hundreds of years.

Each and every baked good at Sweet Wheat is hand-crafted by us: two brothers from France, who turned our passion for high quality bread into an artisan French bakery located in the heart of Los Angeles. We value creating exceptional food for everyone to enjoy. It’s a cultural tradition, and it’s a lifestyle choice. We provide an experience that takes you beyond the refined and processed grains typically found in grocery stores. You will certainly taste and feel the difference!