Vegetarian Picnic Box

Vegetarian Picnic Box

Picnic Artisanal Grazing
2-4 Servings
Picnic Artisanal Grazing Vegetarian Picnic Box

10x10 Picnic Box that feeds 2-4. Includes 2-3 cheeses, spreads/jams/honey, crackers, and all of the usual accompaniments which may include fresh fruit, dried fruit, olives, nuts, cornichons, a sweet bite, a fresh flower, and more.

Chef-Crafted Grazing Boxes that are locally sourced and thoughtfully crafted by a husband-wife duo that have a passion for creating the perfect pairings! The Picnic Boxes offer a fresh rotating mix of everyone’s favorites - cured meats, cheeses, house-made jams and spreads, and all of the other traditional charcuterie accompaniments. That means every time you order, you'll get a fresh new mix of items to enjoy!