Pico de Gallo 1-Carb Mini Tortillas

Pico de Gallo 1-Carb Mini Tortillas

Mr. Tortilla
24 ct
Mr. Tortilla Pico de Gallo 1-Carb Mini Tortillas 24 ct

This tortilla is both incredibly healthy AND tasty. It's because they keep their tortillas high quality and never cut corners by using:

- Made with Organic Wheat Flour & Healthy Oat Fiber
- 100% Vegan / Plant-Based
- Low Fat, Low Calories, Low Sodium
- 0g Cholesterol / 0g of Trans Fat
- OU Kosher Certified
- 1g Net Carbs
- 4 inches per tortilla

Mr. Tortilla is made in San Fernando, CA and is on a mission to revolutionize tacos! After many years of development, they have created the world's first 1 carb, 15 calorie taco tortilla. It's the perfect size, is super flexible, and has just the right amount of ingredients to create a filling and delicious taco tortilla.