About Us

SoCal Milk Drop About Us

SoCal Milk Drop was founded with a simple solution of offering super fresh foods through a resilient local eco-system that brings producers together and gives people a better option.

We’re a colorful, creative, and passionate group of entrepreneurs that produce better-for-you foods, but all face similar struggles as the grocery industry is dominated by large CPG corporations, which focuses primarily on the bottom line rather than giving their customers the best options. There are so many great foods being produced all around us as California is the largest food producing state in the US, but why aren’t these foods available at the stores? Why can’t we go right to the source and have fresh options that support our local producers and helps our local economy thrive.

Well, now we can.

We created SoCal Milk Drop to give people that option. Rather than be limited to the faux-fresh foods that pass through multiple warehouses, distribution centers, and freight trucks, before they even reach the grocery store. We bring you super fresh foods directly from the source, eliminating the need for numerous middlemen, and lowering our carbon footprint. This allows us to deliver the highest quality and freshest foods.

Simple fact, eating fresh foods is better for your health. Our produce is picked ripe and delivered the very same day. Our breads, bakery items, and fresh pastas are made to order. Our milks and juices are bottled just days before delivering to homes. We believe that grocery shopping should be fresh, local, convenient, and an enjoyable experience.

We believe that everyone should have equal access to nutritious foods.

1 in 9 people in SoCal are food insecure – this amounts to over 2 million people that are living without constant access to food. Families are having to make tough decisions between groceries or rent, seniors having to choose between food or medicine, parents and children skipping meals and going to bed hungry.

We’re committed to making nutritious foods accessible to everyone. Partnering with Food Forward to fight hunger and reduce food waste across all 8 counties in SoCal. For every single order we receive, we’re donating 10lbs of produce to communities in need.